“Where’d ya go to high school?” is a well known cliche in this town. Well, we actually all went to high school together! Our story starts in band class over 25 years ago, as most pointless stories do. After becoming adults and playing requests at our friends’ parties enough times, we decided it was time to form a band the likes of which St. Louis has never seen! So for the last several years we’ve been honing our craft in local bars and private events, polishing our favorite crowd-pleasing 70s-90s rock n roll with our 3-part harmonies, while sprinkling in some more current hits to round it all out. Who doesn’t love watching a trio of bearded 30-something-year-old dudes belt out Britney & Miley jams alongside some Johnny Cash and Creedence?! We love interacting with the crowd and letting them guide our setlist with their requests, and we look forward to entertaining your room with a night of fun they won’t soon forget!